Delay Feedback Control for Switching Diffusion Systems Based on Discrete Time Observations


主讲人:李晓月  东北师范大学教授


地点:腾讯会议 833 964 595


内容介绍:For the sake of saving time and costs the feedback control based on  discrete-time observations is used to stabilize the switching diffusion systems.  Response lags are required by most of physical systems and play a key role in  the feedback control. The aim of this paper is to design delay feedback control  functions based on the discrete-time observations of the system states and the  Markovian states in order for the controlled switching diffusion system (SDS) to  be exponentially stable in pth moment and probability one as well as stable in  H_∞. The designed control principles are implementable to stabilize quasi-linear  and highly nonlinear SDSs. For quasi-linear SDSs the criteria are sharp that  under the control with high strength the controlled SDSs will be stable  (bounded) while under the weaker control they will be unstable (unbounded) in  mean square. The sample and moment Lyapunov exponents are estimated which have  close relationship with the time delays.